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Expanded Metal Products in San Antonio, Texas

Expanded Metal Products San Antonio

Let’s Talk Fences

Having lots of property can be a great thing, but it can also require extra work. Fences are great ways to separate your property from others without having to worry about who owns which side. Expanded metal is excellent material for fences because they are more durable and stronger than lighter options. If you are interested in building a fence out of expanded metal, contact Ashley Salvage. We have a large stock ready for any project. 

Stronger Than Chicken Wire

Wire mesh fence material such as chicken wire tends to get holes and does not stand against heavy natural elements. Expanded metal is always the better choice. It’s not difficult to install, and it has many uses. From fences to walkways and grates, it is the prime choice for anyone needing durable metal meshlike material. If you have any questions, give Ashley Salvage a call. We are happy to assist. 

Retains Its Strength for Longer

Sheet metal comes in many different styles, including expanded metal. Even though it is meshlike, it is still strong and durable. Since expanded metal is never totally cut and reconnected, the material itself retains its strength longer than other similar metals. At Ashley Salvage, we want you to have the best materials for any project that you find yourself working on. If you want more information on the best materials, contact us today.

Get Paid for Extra

It’s difficult to gauge how much material to get when you are working on a large project. When you’re finished, it’s common for there to be more leftover than you originally anticipated. If you find this to be the case with expanded metal or other scrap metal products, Ashley Salvage can help. We will pay you for the extra pieces as well as take it off your property for you. Call us today, and we can set up a time.

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