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Structural Steel Supply Company in San Antonio, TX

Structural Steel in San Antonio, TX buy steel siding here


Are you planning to build or reinforce a barn? Are you looking to install a barbecue pit in your backyard? Do you need extra materials to finish your welding job? No matter what type of improvement or building project you are planning, you can find your structural steel products at Ashley Salvage. We supply homeowners, businesses, small contractors and do-it-yourself folks with high-quality metals. You will find affordable, reliable steel with us.


Every building project has a base material that supports the weight of the structure and provides the necessary framework. The majority of those projects are made with structural steel that is both sturdy and weight-bearing. We provide structural steel for your upcoming improvement or construction project. Common jobs that use our products' support include farm work, barns, carports, barbecue pits, fencing, welding jobs and other household or industrial installations. 


From bridges and commercial buildings to homes and external garages, structural steel is a trusted choice of material for large structures. Since 1954, Ashley Salvage has been the provider for many farm, commercial and residential construction projects. Structural steel is a common requirement, and we have plenty of options to choose from depending on what your project is. 

Trusted Company

For over 60 years, Ashley Salvage has been serving the city of San Antonio. With each construction project that comes our way, we offer the best steel and service to provide an easy exchange. No job is too small or too large for our products. From fire pits to parking garages, the types of structures that use structural steel are endless. We can provide the materials for any project, whatever the size. Give us a call today to set up an appointment.

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